Abandoned Mine Building, LaGrange California

In the hills just a mile or two outside of LaGrange California is the remnants of a mining complex.  I don’t know the history of it, but it appears to be associated with gold dredging in the nearby Tuolumne River.  I stumbled on the small cluster of buildings several years ago almost by accident.  I […]

Young Asian Girl – A Quick Portrait Study in Oil – Step by Step

I had painted this lovely young woman during an open session at Patris’ Studio and Gallery in Oak Park, Sacramento about a year ago. Fortunately I had taken a picture of her at the same time. During yet another rainy day – we are drenched and flooding is happening all over the area after a […]

Female Portrait Study on Oil Paper

I’ve been enjoying exploring the properties of the Arches Oil paper…which is essentially a 140# watercolor paper treated to resist deterioration by oil paints. It can be painted on straight from the pad, no other prep or sizing needed. The manufacturer does not claim the paper is ‘archival’, but that it will not be affected […]

No You Decide! – Summer on the Andre Ranch- Plein Air

As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent a recent hot summer day painting at artist friend Ruth Andre’s ranch in the gold country foothills. This was my second painting.  I was huddled in a tiny spot of shade under my umbrella and still nearly passed out.  (Well, not quite, but you know…it was […]

In the Shade By the Little Stream – Plein Air

Summer is coming on, and in the foothills of the gold rush country of California the lush green grasses of late winter and spring have turned to golden brown.  And as the rains and snow cease higher up, the little springs and creeks that flow to the flatlands of the Central Valley begin to shrink. […]

Summer Morning on a Bishop California Ranch – Plein Air

One evening, after a day of plein air painting in Bishop, our small group of painters drove around looking for subject matter for the next morning.  When we drove by this scene, we knew we could stop looking and get the paints ready.  In the morning, with the owner’s permission, we set up inside the […]

Summer on the Eastern Slope – Bishop California

Bishop California is on the Eastern Slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Unlike the Western Slope, where miles of rolling foothills slowly transition from the Valley floor into the rugged Sierras, on the Eastern side, the mountains seem to shoot up from the high desert country almost without warning.  They seem to loom over […]

Self Portrait – with apologies to Mr. Rembrandt

I’ve never done a self portrait before, mostly because I can never find a mirror when I need one.  But a couple of months ago, the Sacramento Fine Arts Center did their second annual “Inspired by the Masters” show.  The idea is to paint a copy of a work by a Master or paint an […]

McClatchy Library, Sacramento Plein Air Oil

It was so cold and cloudy yesterday morning that I decided against joining a group of painters for a MeetUp downtown, but at the last minute the sun came out and I changed my mind (again!).  The subject was the Ella K McClatchy branch of the Sacramento County Library, located in the midtown area, a […]