Bruce B. Hancock Art is a internet based display of paintings and art related creations from a California based oil painter specializing in Studio and Plein Air Landscapes, Still Life and Portraits. This gallery of works is combined with an Artist’s Journal chronicling the process, equipment and lessons learned in the artist’s creative journey.

(A special thanks to Ruth Andre of Sutter Creek, CA; Martha Esch of Locke, CA; and Bob Engel of Dallas, TX – all fellow artists – for the photographs of me used on this site.)

About the Artist


Bruce B. Hancock
California Painter

I suppose every artist who did not start an art career until middle age or older will tell much the same story as mine. As a child I drew extensively, and even as a young adult, I painted and exhibited early watercolors with modest local success. But without formal training or exposure to other artists (long before the internet) my direction soon drifted to more practical pursuits. In other words, for the next years life intervened. At the age of 60 – or a little before – I began to paint again.
I am a 4th generation native Californian. The history, places and people of California and the Great American West are the subjects of my art. The possibilities are as endless as the land is vast. I strive to capture the timelessness of the land, the strength of the people, and most of all the emotions I feel for both.